Open Studios #Painting #Exhibition. Edge 10 Studio S7 1SH Sat 5th,Sun 6th,Mon 7th May, 11.00am-5.00pm

End of the Day Across Ladybower Reservoir 60cm x 60cm Mixed Media on Canvas.jpgEvening Thaw Stanage Edge 100cm x 100cm Mixed Media on Canvas.jpgPeat Bog Burbage Moor Toward Kinder Scout 80cm x 80cm Mixed Media on Canvas.jpgHeather and Tussock Grass Stanage Edge 120cm x 60cm MixedMedia on Canvas.jpgSun Breaking Through Above Stanage Edge 150cm x 100cm Mixed media on Canvas.jpgLane to Hathersage 100cm x 100cm Mixed Media on Canvaso

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