Kristan Baggaley,Edge 10 Studio, S7 1SH

These are photographic images of the interior of my studio space. I moved into the ex car mechanics garage in 2007. I paint in the large double storey workshop in the building, as it is lit by natural sunlight from skylights in the roof.

Studio two

Most of my studio paintings are created against the wall photographed. The mound is the result of years of throwing, scraping and splattering oil paint and various materials collecting beneath the canvas’s as they are worked upon.


Images of my paint brushes in the studio


Tins of oil paint.




The other half of the building contains a gallery space, where there is always an exhibition of paintings.



If you would like to visit the studio, you can contact me at or Tel.0114 4491519 or 0173 681010118

The address is,

Edge 10 Studio, 10 Oakhill Rd. Nether Edge, Sheffield, S7 1SH

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